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Welcome to Our Lady of the Rosary School Inc!

Our Lady of the Rosary School Inc is an international Catholic homeschool organization which offers complete curriculums for students from grades pre-kindergarten through twelve. Our Lady of the Rosary School Inc is more than simply a school, however. We are an apostolate dedicated to saving the souls of children by giving them the opportunity to receive a superior, truly Catholic education in the best possible environment - the home.

Our mission is to help parents teach their children the Catholic  Faith in its entirety using sound Catholic educational materials, covering all  subjects. We have been helping parents educate their children since 1983, providing them with the materials they need to give their children a sound,  well-rounded, exceptional Catholic education. This Catholic education helps prepare children for further academic growth and development in the safe, wholesome environment of their own home


Enrollment Commonly Asked Questions

Are there any discounts if I enroll in Our Lady of the Rosary School?


You will receive a $20.00 discount per grade for grades 1- 12.


Our Lady of the Rosary believes in helping large families to educate their children. We have built into our pricing structure an incremental discount for families of 2 or more children.


Another OLRS benefit designed for families educating more than one child is OLRS’s policy of allowing families with younger children to retain the curriculum packages purchased for their older children to be used to teach their younger children. In other words, if you purchase a fifth grade curriculum and you have several younger children, then you may use the same curriculum with them instead of having to purchase another fifth grade curriculum. Our “Consumable Program” allows you to purchase only what you need so that you may reuse your previously purchased curriculum for your younger children. This amounts to a tremendous savings each year and an even greater one when you consider how many years you will be homeschooling.

What is a consumable packet?

Consumable packets

are available for families who have previously purchased curriculum for that particular grade. Consumable packets consist of all the material that is designed for one time use during a school year that cannot be used by another child in the original family. This would include examinations, workbooks, lesson plans, grade sheets, etc. There are two different plans for consumable packets:

Full consumable program

means that the student is registered and receives all grading services from OLRS.

Consumable program

only means that the student is not registered with OLRS and the student does not re-ceive any grading services. Prices for the Consumable program only is not listed in this Enrollment Handbook and you will need to contact the office for prices.

What is a math or course fee?

It is a fee that has been added to help offset the cost of offering a particular course to our students. The cost of some textbooks have reached record numbers. Rather than raise the tuition price and have all families pay we have added the fee to those who choose to take the particular courses. See shipping list for subjects with additional fees.

Are there any individual registration fees for students?

No, student registration fees are included in the tuition fees and are good for a full year. However, there is an annual Family Registration fee of $25.00.

What is the family registration fee?

The family registration fee covers the cost of processing new curriculum orders for the student, recording and maintaining the student’s information in our computer system and any correspondence the school may have with your family starting the new school year. It is a yearly fee that covers each family for the entire school year.

When may I enroll?

Our Lady of the Rosary School maintains an “Open Enrollment Policy” meaning you may enroll any time you wish for the current school year or the next school year. It is a good idea to register as early as you can to ensure arrival of your curriculum before the school year starts.

Who pays the postage for quarterly exams and lessons?

Students pay to send their lessons and exams to the school. Our Lady of the Rosary School pays to return them to the student when they have been corrected, and the grades have been recorded.

Does OLRS offer any extended payment plans?

Yes, please see our policy and payment schedule form for details. Beyond the plans listed, we also have other customized plans to help families on any budget.

What is included in the High School Tuition Fee?

This fee includes several costs. First, it includes the extended evaluation by our qualified counselor of a student’s incoming/running transcript, as well as monitoring and assisting the student with course selection for advancement and college preparation. The fee also contributes to the creation and maintenance of the high school academic record and transcript. It helps to further develop new and expanded high school courses. Lastly, it covers the cost of any letters of recommendation written by our teachers that may be needed for entrance to college.

Are there any Shipping and handling charges for curriculum?

Yes, please see our policy and payment schedule form. For Alaska, Hawaii and foreign countries, the fee will be actual shipping based on the method chosen by the family.

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