Mission Statement


Our Lady Standing with Child

Welcome to Our Lady of the Rosary School Inc!

Our Lady of the Rosary School Inc is an international Catholic homeschool organization which offers complete curriculums for students from grades pre-kindergarten through twelve. Our Lady of the Rosary School Inc is more than simply a school, however. We are an apostolate dedicated to saving the souls of children by giving them the opportunity to receive a superior, truly Catholic education in the best possible environment - the home.

Our mission is to help parents teach their children the Catholic  Faith in its entirety using sound Catholic educational materials, covering all  subjects. We have been helping parents educate their children since 1983, providing them with the materials they need to give their children a sound,  well-rounded, exceptional Catholic education. This Catholic education helps prepare children for further academic growth and development in the safe, wholesome environment of their own home


Our Lady of the Rosary School